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magine, a word that invites us to sense, to see what is not yet visible. Imagination is the space of inner freedom. In the quietness of our hearts and minds new impulses arise with a will to be.

"Every creative act involves...a new innocence of perception, liberated from the cataract of excepted belief."
Arthur Koestler

magine invites you to stay in touch. We believe art, architecture, interior design and the living of everyday life belong together. Site Painters is dedicated to an evolving, collaborative art of place making. Please subscribe here and we’ll include you in occasional updates from the “imagination’s chamber.”

Healthcare Enhancement

Site Painters completed a commission for the new Salem Health Rehabilitation Center sited in a beautiful oak grove near the main hospital. The series of six paintings for the pediatric waiting room creates a garden setting of fanciful plants, both naive and sophisticated in design. Several birds enliven the garden as they explore it with curiosity. We worked to integrate the art with furniture, flooring, and lighting, creating a more spacious atmosphere.

This project was arranged through Mary Lou Zeek, art consultant.

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Neonatal Care

We were asked to create a welcoming entrance to the NICU at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. A few years back we had furnished this department with a series of paintings depicting three different themes for each of the units, starting with the sky (birds, butterflies, clouds).

For this new entryway we chose a mother bird with her chicks, suggesting the attention and care being shown the newborn children in this wing of the hospital. This painting (40" x 40") greets parents and family as they come to visit their little one.

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Public Art Rosters

As public art has turned more towards using juried artist rosters, it is an honor to be included in two new rosters, the OR Public Places Roster and the 4Culture Mural Roster, King County (Seattle) WA.
We look forward to many opportunities to continue making art in public places.

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New Doors

Studio pursuits have recently led me to explore taking my paintings beyond the confines of the rectangle. Form and color, perceived in new contexts, present unique challenges and open new doors.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities.


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Laura Bender
studio art

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Still on fire

Since Dec 2014 my personal studio work has been engulfed in the subject of fire. Notebooks of pen drawings - simple, complex, decorative or naturalistic. Single and double sheet collage and color pencil images followed.

I am starting the New Year with a box of 25 sheets of drawing paper from Fabriano, Italy. I'm planning to pin up 18 sheets together on the studio wall, the ground for a mural-sized drawing. Favorite elements from the sketchbook drawings will be projected at various scales overlapping and accumulating lines and shapes. Color and values will be improvised with what the drawing suggests to me.

Stay tuned to Studio Flashes for outcomes.


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John Early
studio art

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Anthony Howe, sculptor

We first caught a glimpse of this artist’s work along a rural road, in a meadow we were going past on the way to a BB on Orcas Island. We were surprised, delighted, almost as though it was a unicorn or flaming phoenix we had discovered. Absent knowledge of the artist and his international reputation, we were able to experience them as beautiful phenomena, a special act of nature.

These works are all about movement, multiple simultaneous movements that expand and contract at the same time. High above the ground atop their poles, they perform dances of life.

"Kinetic sculpture resides at the intersection of artistic inspiration and mechanical complexity. The making of one of my pieces relies on creative expression, metal fabrication, and a slow design process in equal parts.
It aims to alter one’s experience of time and space when witnessed. It also needs to weather winds of 90 mph and still move in a one mile per hour breeze and do so for hundreds of years.
Anthony Howe

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Stay in touch, Stay in tune

State of Wonder, Oregon's new arts radio program broadcast by OPB (91.5FM), Saturday, 12noon. Host April Baer is the bright, versatile, and inquisitive host throughout the show's content-packed hour.

The reporting is well-informed and substantive enough to engage the interest of culturally-experienced listeners. Most interviews are in-depth and nuanced with wit. The program is a great way to broaden your understanding of the ever-changing creative economy of Oregon.

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