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the art of place – vision, color & form

“Color is the fulfillment of architectural forms.”

We don’t live on a chiaroscuro planet (thank the rainbow).
Color is fundamental to our perception of the world and our feelings about it and ourselves. Color is a pervasive influence, yet hard to define and for many an elusive quality to work with.

In the built environment color can either be a consciously embraced and effective component of a project, a missed opportunity, or sometimes a downright negative factor.

Site Painters can help you see your way to the very best outcome.

We are two artists, sensitive to the specifics of a given site and knowledgeable about the sensory, emotional, and cultural nuances of color. We provide well-researched and usable color plans.

Consulting with us is an economical way to greatly increase a building’s presence, prestige, and functionality. The orchestration of color with form will improve leasing marketability, tenant satisfaction, retail visibility, and contribute to the overall vibrancy of a building’s neighborhood.

There is a treasure at the end of the rainbow and we’ll help you find it. Contact us to discuss your project and to define your goals for a color plan.

(503) 788-2064,

“Everyone thinks the building looks great! With 175 people touring the place I heard, ‘I love your paint colors!’ at least 50 times. Although tempted to say, ‘Thanks, I picked them myself,’ I give all the credit to Site Painters.”

Laura Erickson, founder
Alma Midwifery Birth Center

“The Portland Waldorf School has come to depend on your good advice on colors rather than struggle with guessing. Our buildings both inside and out are harmonious, and deeply satisfying. We often get compliments on our buildings’ color selections when prospective families and guests tour the school.”

John Kahl, Business Manager
Portland Waldorf School