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Paintings on wood panels

3'-0"x 2'-6"x 0"

series of acrylic paintings

3'-6"x 5'-6"x 0"

3'-6"x 6'-0"x 0"

4'-6"x 13'-4"x 0"

3'-6"x 2'-6"x 0"

2'-0"x 1'-6"x 0"

755 Mission St SE
Salem, OR 97302
Salem Hospital, client
This rehabilitation center located in a beautiful oak grove near the main hospital is filled with art. The series of six paintings for the pediatric waiting room creates a garden setting of fanciful plants, both naive and sophisticated in design. Several birds enliven the garden as they explore it with curiosity. The art was designed to integrate with the furniture, flooring, and lighting, creating a more spacious atmosphere.